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Monday, May 6, 2013

Friday, May 3, 2013

Blocks 1 & 2  Spanish 1-2:
-Warm Up - Students in block 2 turned in their warm ups for the last two weeks.
-Students took notes on the e -> i stem changing verbs.
-Students in period 1 played the dice game with stem changing verbs.
-Students played Tic Tac Toe using e -> ie, o -> ue and e -> i stem changing verbs. 

-Important web sites/addresses:  
  1.  my email: wwilson@pvlearners.net
  2.  class blog:  bienvenidospvhs.blogspot.com
  3.  text site:  www.classzone.com

-Workbook pages 177 and 178

Block 5  Spanish 3-4:
-Warm Up
-Students practiced verb conjugation for all of the types of verbs we have studied this semester using conjuguemos.com.  They had to continue resetting the activity until they earned a score of 80% or better.
-Students quizzed a partner over the vocabulary for this lesson.

-Important web sites/addresses:
  1.  my email: wwilson@pvlearners.net
  2.  class blog: bienvenidospvhs.blogspot.com
  3.  text site:  www.classzone.com

-No new written assignment.

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