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Monday, January 13, 2014

Registration Information from Mr. Deonise

January 13, 2014
Dear PV Parents/Guardians,
Today begins the exciting process of registering students for next year’s courses. I am proud to say that PVHS has an abundance of rigorous and engaging courses that your child will not find elsewhere.
  • Juniors begin the process on January 13th and the window is open 1 week
  • Sophomores begin the process on January 21st and the window is open 1 week
  • Freshman begin the process on January 27th and the window is open 1 week
Counselors will be meeting with students to review graduation requirements and course prerequisites, before students need to decide on next year’s courses. 
Please take some time to discuss course options with your student before they register.  It is very important that much thought and consideration be given to these decisions.  Please keep in mind that teaching assignments and the master schedule are determined based on student course selections.  In other words, we staff the courses that students sign up for.  Therefore, making course changes after course selections have been made can be very difficult and in most cases are not possible. 
Additionally, if a student registers for an Honors or Advanced Placement course, it is the expectation of Paradise Valley High School that he/she will complete the entire course.  AP and Honors courses require considerable time and effort outside of the school day, with reading and homework assignments daily. Students who are involved in outside activities must take this time commitment into consideration before they register for AP or Honors courses. Again, teaching assignments and the master schedule are determined by student course selections and schedule changes cannot be made because students have over committed themselves or decide the course it too rigorous.
Many elective courses have fees associated with them and those fees should also be considered when registering for courses. 
Thank you in advance for taking the time to discuss next year’s course selections with your child.  If you have any questions please feel free to call the school and speak to your child’s counselor.  Thank you very much and please choose wisely.
Ian Deonise

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