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Monday, April 28, 2014

Spanish 1-2 Family Scrapbook Project Directions

La Familia
Scrapbook Project
Due: Monday, April, 28, 2014

Be sure to include each of the following on your scrapbook page.
1.  A picture in each box on the handout.  These can be real pictures or magazine pictures.  No hand drawn pictures.
2.  You must identify at least 6 relatives on your scrapbook page.  
3.  Include all of the following information for each person:
  • name
  • age
  • relationship to you
  • at least two adjectives to describe the person
  • where the person is from
  • one comparison about the person
4.  All of the information must be included in complete Spanish sentences.  

Grading Rubric

  • One Picture Per Box                                                         /5
  • 6 Relatives Identified                                                       /6
  • Name of each person included in Spanish                      /6
  • Age of each person included in Spanish                         /6
  • Relationship to you stated in Spanish                             /6
  • Two adjectives included per person in Spanish             /12
  • Where the person is from stated in Spanish                  /6
  • One comparison per person in Spanish                        /6
  • Neatness/Creativity                                                      /7
Total                                                                                      /60

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