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Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday, Septebmer 21, 2012

Block 1  Spanish 1-2:
-Warm Up
-Students turned in their homework.
-Students took notes on the color vocabulary words in Spanish and completed a crossword puzzle using this vocabulary.
-Students solved basic math problems that were written out in Spanish and then wrote out the answers in Spanish.  
-Students took notes on the verb tener and completed activity 5 on page 91 in the text to practice using the verb tener.

-Workbook pages 53 and 54

Blocks 2 and 4  Spanish 3-4:
-Warm Up - ER/IR verb handout
-Students turned in their homework and then corrected workbook pages.
-Students worked with one other student in the class and completed a peer editing sheet for the writing assignment they have been working on.
-Students practiced er/ir verbs in the preterite and vocabulary. 

-Final draft of writing assignment is due next Tuesday, September 25, 2012.  Remember that you must turn in your circle map, your flee map, your rough draft and your peer editing sheet along with your final draft. 

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