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This blog will provide you with all of the latest information about Ms. Wilson's Spanish classes. Each day you will see a summary of what we did in class and a list of any homework assignments. There will also be special announcements about projects, tests and school information.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Friday, December 9, 2016

Important web sites/addresses:  

  1.  my email: wwilson@pvlearners.net
  2.  class blog:  bienvenidospvhs.blogspot.com
  3.  Twitter: @bienvenidospvhs
  4.  Infinite Campus: https://ic.pvschools.net
  5.  text site:  www.classzone.com

Final Exam Information - All Classes:
-Famous Hispanic Individuals Exam - Friday, December 16th in class
-Speaking Finals - Due by midnight on December 16th. Record yourself using vocaroo.com and past the link into a blog post titled, "Speaking Final". The speaking prompts and grading rubric are posted in the Google Classroom.
-Multiple Choice Final Exam - Wednesday, December 21st Blocks 2 and 5
                                                  Thursday, December 22nd  Blocks 1 and 3 or 4

Blocks 1 and 4  Spanish 1-2:
-Students took the writing final exam.
-Students in block 1 completed the warm up.
-Students in block 1 recited the 4.2 lesson vocabulary.

-No new written assignment.

Block 2 Spanish 3-4H:
-Students took the writing final exam.
-Students completed the warm up.
-Students recited the 4.2 lesson vocabulary.

-No new written assignment. 

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